Ending Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Mississippi

shelter, counseling, education and continued support

Do you know about the Attorney General’s Office Domestic Violence Division ?

The Attorney General’s Office Domestic Violence Division performs a myriad of functions in the area of domestic violence education and prevention, including:
direct prosecutorial assistance and training with regard to specific issues in the prosecution of domestic violence cases, including research and brief drafting;
law enforcement training on domestic violence laws, with special emphasis on those related to the enforcement of local and foreign orders of protection;
assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies with regard to ensuring their domestic violence policies comport with state and federal law, and with the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights;
advocacy specifically for victims of domestic violence;
development and implementation of the MS Uniform Domestic Violence Offense Report;
development and implementation of the MS Protection Order Registry;
training and assistance for the judiciary and court clerks on domestic violence laws and enforcement of domestic violence protection orders;
encouraging the development of healthy relationship education and curricula in our high schools.