Ending Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Mississippi

shelter, counseling, education and continued support

College Sexual Assault Prevention

Supporters have raised over $250,000 in 2 ½ days for RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization

Read the whole article here: http://www.rainn.org/news-room/alums-unite-to-show-what-penn-state-is-really-all-about Washington, D.C., November 11th — What started with a small group of passionate alumni has exploded into a national display of Penn State pride, as thousands of Penn Staters have joined together to help victims of sexual assault. Using social media, these supporters have raised over $250,000 in 2 […]

RAINN’s Back to School Safety Tips

Click here to go to the original article! RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, today released helpful safety tips for college students going back to school. College aged students are at the highest risk for being sexually assaulted; the majority of rapes are committed by someone who the […]