Ending Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Mississippi

shelter, counseling, education and continued support

Survivor Stories

    Success Story

By Sonja Hamilton

Jane lived in an abusive marriage for 3 years. During that time she was verbally and emotionally abused on a daily basis. She felt intimidated when he would display frightening looks at her and destroy her personal possessions. He yelled and screamed at her, isolated her from going places or seeing her friends and refused to let her find employment. He would also make verbal threats stating that if she left him he would take custody of their child.
Jane had two other children from a previous relationship and they had witnessed the abuse; therefore, Jane did not want her children growing up in this environment nor thinking that this was a normal, healthy relationship.
Jane left her husband several times but only to find her self returning, hoping that he would change but he treated her no differently.
Jane contacted S.A.F.E., Inc for help. Jane and her children arrived at S.A.F.E. where she and her children received individual and group counseling. She attended parenting classes at the Family Resource Center and applied for economic assistance through the Department of Human Services.
Jane was successful in finding employment and was able to save her money. She was also able to find housing in an area that she felt safe for her and her children. S.A.F.E. was able to help her with the bare necessities to furnish her apartment.
Jane continued to utilize after school tutoring services and child care until she became self sufficient. Jane keeps in touch with the staff and reports that she and her children are happy to be able to live in an abuse free environment.

Letter from a Former Client

I would like to take a moment to express to each of you what a blessing you have been to both my child and me. Each of you in your own way made us feel safe, special and worthy of our freedom. Just to know so many people care and truly believe that I’m worthy of a healthy life was wonderful. You showed me that I was once a victim but you all gave me the tools I needed to never be a victim again, and knowledge to free my soul and become a believer and a survivor.

You gave us a safe haven, a time to reflect and hear God’s word. You gave me the tools to become a better mother; to know how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships which in turn affects my child’s life.

Thank you for the warm bed, the kind words, the support and structure, the Mickey Mouse party, the warm smiles and all the special thoughts of clothing and supplies and the cooler for a safe and comfortable trip. You each have a very unique and special gift. My child and I were truly blessed to have arrived when we did. We came to the shelter when there were no other clients and the staff could give us all the attention we needed.
And I believe it was God’s timing for us.

I am now on the road to recovery, please, keep us in your prayers so that I can stay on this road. I hope someday to be a testimony to someone else.

    Success Story

By Sonja Hamilton

M_____________ was married to her abuser for 44 years. During the last few months of her marriage, a physical altercation between her and her husband led her to make the final decision to leave.
She contacted S.A.F.E. Inc. for safety and shelter. During her stay at the shelter, she received individual and group counseling. She was assisted with obtaining a Domestic Abuse Protective Order, and also spoke to her attorney about filing for divorce.
She received a monthly disability income. While at S.A.F.E., Inc. she saved her money and found housing in a nearby area.
S.A.F.E., Inc. was able to help furnish her apartment with donated furniture and household items. Volunteers at S.A.F.E. then assisted her by moving these items into her new apartment and L.I.F.T., Inc. paid her utility deposits.
M____________ continues to keep in touch with the staff and reports that she is enjoying her new home that is free from abuse.