Ending Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Mississippi

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S.A.F.E., Inc. Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a

volunteer with S.A.F.E., Inc.!

There are many ways a person can volunteer to help end violence in our community.
Volunteers are S.A.F.E., Inc.’s most vital resource!

Some volunteers have direct contact with victims and their children through providing child care or teaching a women’s issues class.

Child care volunteers help support our staff by taking care of children in the shelter while mothers take advantage of Women’s Issues classes and support groups. Giving children a safe, stable place to grow while surrounded by positive people is one of S.A.F.E., Inc.’s primary goals.

Women’s Issues Classes help victims of violence by teaching them skills they need to manage life’s challenges on their own and where to find help if they need it. Women’s Issues classes have included resume writing, parenting, budgeting, stress relief, job interview skills, dressing for success, nutrition, and personal safety.

Other volunteers do work in the shelter and our community to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in northeast Mississippi. By hosting a cell phone drive, food drive, or housewares drive, volunteers collect things survivors need to start their lives over. Volunteers in the shelter prepare school supply backpacks for children in the shelter, organize and sort donations, and prepare newsletters for distribution.

Volunteers who hang our posters in public locations and help us with our public service announcements provide a lifeline to victims who may think they don’t have any support.

Volunteer Training

All of S.A.F.E., Inc.’s prospective volunteers will attend one of several trainings scheduled throughout the year, held at S.A.F.E., Inc.’s administrative office.  Prospective volunteers will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator/Social Worker and Community Educator to learn more about being a volunteer at S.A.F.E., Inc.  Volunteers will also receive informative training on issues that victims at S.A.F.E., Inc. encounter, including sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and the effect of these forms of violence on children and families.

Interested in becoming a S.A.F.E.,  Inc. Volunteer?

You can contact Sonja Hamilton, our Volunteer Coordinator:

(662) 841-9138


or you can download a volunteer application and other required paperwork here:

S.A.F.E. Volunteer Application PDF

S.A.F.E Volunteer Application – Microsoft Word

TPD background check

Below is more information about being a volunteer at S.A.F.E., Inc.