Success Story

By: Madison Caver, Case Manager

This is a story about a woman who decided to say NO to her abusive partner and YES to a healthy lifestyle. Macy was nervous about this transition because she had never lived on her own before. A few days after experiencing the last physical abuse from her boyfriend, Macy sought help from S.A.F.E., Inc. After calling the hotline number and completing an assessment, Macy was approved for emergency shelter.

Macy entered the shelter with visible marks from the abuse and the clothes on her back. S.A.F.E., Inc. assisted Macy with immediate needs such as clothing, hygiene products, bedding, and nutrition. Macy also received transportation, counseling, case management, and court advocacy. She attended life skills groups to prepare herself with budgeting, nutrition, coping skills, and stress management. She attended support groups, individual counseling, and medical appointments.

Macy quickly got a job and began saving money. Once meeting the majority of her goals, she began her relocation process. With the help of S.A.F.E., Inc.’s assistance programs, Macy was able to relocate into secure housing. Macy filled her home with donated items from our warehouse. Since beginning her journey in a healthy environment, Macy has continued to attend counseling sessions. She has experienced bumps in her road to recovery, but she looks to healthy resources, such as S.A.F.E., Inc., for guidance.

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